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Amelia Smith
Valley Center, CA
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A lovable mixture of fiesty and loyal, this little girl follows me around like a shadow. Imported in pup, her mother is Straid Nell who was bred to Kevin Evans, Spot before being shipped to Canada. This pup has come from Corey Perry, and I'm looking forward to training her. I don't usually keep bitches, but thought I'd give her a try. I'll tell you this, she is adorable, precocious and a lot of fun to have around.







Bred by Canadian, Corey Perry as well, this pup is off his good dog, Mirk. Mirk is a grandson of the cross between Angie Driscoll's Welsh Reserve Nat'l Champion, Meg and Bobby Dalziel's former Jaime that has produced some lovely dogs.

Very confident and forever in motion, my Ross is already quite keen for the sheep, and heckling my ram through the fence. Time will tell, but I am excited my about this pup.