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Amelia Smith
Valley Center, CA
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A son of Eileen's much used Don, Tam is out of Alba Lynn, littermate to Tricia Macrae's 2012 National Champion, Alba Cap. Behind that, Tam is great-grandson of Alaisdare Macrae's International Supreme Champion and multiple USBCHA National Champion ##Nan, and USBCHA National Champion @Ben.

At just 2 years old I competed successfully with Tam at the Meeker Sheepdog Championship in 9/2013 after qualifying him for the USBCHA National Nursery Finals back in July of the same year. At the start of his open career, he is proving himself to be as good as his breeding collecting his first open points at his 2nd open trial.

Off stock Tam is a lover, but put on sheep he is all business, so fast with a beautiful outrun, sweeping turns and a precision that makes him a pleasure to handle. Tam is learning how to be effective at the pen, and he absolutely loves to shed.

This dog came to me from Hub and Alison Holmes, and I consider myself lucky indeed to have him.




Imported Buff

Buff was trained and trialed in Ireland by Seamus Gallgher, uncle to previous International Suprememe Champion, Michael Gallagher. Imported to the East Coast, he was sold to a student of mine who trials Buff in pro-novice. Buff won his first pro-novice trial with his owner in 2013 at the Hopland Trial.

Under Seamus, Buff just missed a trip with the Irish team to the International by a few points, and proved himself in the summer of 2011 in the states finding success on our notoriously tough western range ewes. His owner has graciously agreed to let me trial him in open, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity.

Buff has a quiet manner, and is very kind to his sheep. Intensely keen, he is correct at every phase of work with more than enough power and willingness. Garnering his first American win at Hopland in November, 2012, both his owner and I look forward to many years trialing this outstanding dog.


Imported Buff



Imp. Taddymoor Mirk - Deceased 6/2013 - In Memory of a Useful Dog

Imported Taddymoor Mirk is a half-brother to Lad, the sire of 2009 International Supreme Champion, ##Dewi Tweed, and a younger full brother to Richard Millichap's 2007 Reserve International Supreme Champion, Taddymoor Cap. Their sire, Ben, was Reserve at the International Supreme in 2003, had 1 other top 10 finish in that great event and was 5th at the 2002 world trial in Bala, Wales. Mirk's full sister, Taddymoor Jen was 11th at the 2008 Welsh National, and qualified for the Welsh team and the World Sheepdog trial. With this exceptional line of dogs, Richard has represented Wales at the International Supreme 5 times with 3 generations of his own breed.

Off the Millichap's Welsh mountain farm, Richard considers Mirk to be the best dog that he's sent to the US. Mirk made the transition to US trialing easily and took to our range sheep with no trouble at all. Mirk is completely confident on his stock and more than willing to take direction with patience that you would not expect from one so brash.

In the years I have been running him, he has risen to my top spot. Mirk finished 12th in 2011 at the Meeker Championship, made the semi-finals at our 2012 National Finals in Klamath Falls, OR, and at the age of 10 just keeps getting better, and better.


Imported Taddymoor Mirk