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Amelia Smith
Valley Center, CA
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What My Students Are Saying

"Thanks Amelia for three great lessons. Farina and I benefitted greatly. Prior to meeting you, I had read some of your articles in The Working Border Collie magazine and felt comfortable with your training style and methods. Taking a few lessons with you (and Star) not only confirmed what I had read, but also provided valuable hands on training and feedback. The lessons helped to develop a clearer picture for both Farina and I of where we want to be and practical instruction on how to get there."
Gary Di Paolo

"We're getting good progress because Amelia isn't just training my dog, she's training us as a dog-handler team. She gives us an in-depth lesson, and then she brings new ideas to the next lesson because she's been thinking about us in the meantime. She's very open-minded and creative. Thanks, Amelia!"
Janet Elliott

"I recommend Amelia as a skilled trainer. She is patient with "challenging" dogs and does not work in 30 minute time blocks. She will train with your dog each lesson, until notable progress is reached. Amelia ends each lesson in a positive place, to pave the way for the next session."
Mandy Schaftel

"I found Amelia Smith through an article in Working Border Collie magazine and was impressed by her ability to explain her own learning process with a new dog. I've found her to be attentive, consistent and firm as a teacher, and very supportive and funny about my own shortcomings as a novice student. I've taken lessons with other teachers in California and New Mexico, and Amelia's techniques are perfectly in sync with what other experienced handlers have taught me, plus I appreciate her perspective on the total well-being of the dog. All in all a lesson with Amelia is a positive and productive experience."
David Weiner

"What a pleasure to learn from you. You make the lesson pleasant for all involved - student, dog & sheep. Thank you for helping us along our journey of sheep dog trials. May our paths cross many times."
Maureen Robinson

Thanks for for taking Hula and I under your wing. We really like you and learned a lot. You're very thorough yet positive and encouraging. We feel really fortunate to have met you!
Beth Benz