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Tam and Buff are top-ten at Hopland! - November, 2013

At only his 2nd open trial, Tam finished 8th on Sunday at the Hopland Sheepdog Trial. After a 350 yard outrun, Tam hit all the panels with his sheep over a big, technical drive, and finished with a solid split, pen, single finish. He handled so well for me that I forgot how young he is. He won't be 3 until April, 2014 Buff finished right behind him in 9th place and the very last placing that got him in the points.


Mandy Wins the Pro-Novice with Buff the Wonder Dog - November, 2013

My student and owner of my 2nd open dog, Mandy, won the pro-novice in Hopland by a landslide, besting 2nd place by 9 points. On spotless outwork, Buff the wonder dog ran for his owner like he never has before after making a decent 9th place finish in the open for me.

Very seldom do you find a dog that can go from one extreme, the open, to another in pro-novice, and make it look easy. But, that is exactly what this fine Irish import did and gave his ecstatic owner her first win ever in the process.


2 year old Tam competes at Meeker - September, 2013

The infamous Meeker Sheepdog Championship is not easy for any dog, let alone a baby like Tam. He is the 3rd nursery dog I've run there, and I've always had pretty good luck with them. Tam was no exception. Not expecting anything but experience for him, Tam surprised me with workman-like running. Timing out at the pen after a shaky shed, he finished with a respectable score for one so tender and I was very proud of him.


Tam Qualifies for the Nursery Finals-July, 2013

With time running out to qualify, Tam got his 2nd nursery win and the final leg required to qualify for the United States Border Collie Association National Nursery Finals. At the Ewer's Last Chance Trial in California, Tam completed the small course easily with time to spare on the clock.


March, 2013-Tam wins overall nursery championship at Sonoma

From among a classy 9-dog nursery division at the Sonoma Wine Country Sheepdog trial, Tam won the 2nd running outright and the high combined nursery championship overall for a hand-crafted leather collar and leash and a stunning bottle of Napa red. Repeatedly overcoming strong challenges from particularly treacherous, range ewes, my 2 year old showed his mettle, and took every whistle and stop on the head of a pin to best the competition by 7 points. I am very proud of my youngster, and his future looks bright.


2nd consequitive win for Buff at Coalinga- November, 2012

Buffy went from the Hopland ewe slayer, to Buffy the wonder dog with his second consequitive win at the Coalinga dog trial. Where many others failed to hold a line, Buff kept flighty sheep on a string and finished strong with a marked shed and clean pen. Once again, the win came on a spotless outrun with Buff just edging Judy Loflin's trusty Cam on outwork. What a dog!


Mirk makes his mark at Snowbirds on the Border-December, 2012

I ran Mirk, Buff and Tam at this annual San Diego trial, but it was Mirk's time to shine with a 5th place finish on Friday from 60 dogs. We ran on Suffolk cross lambs, just 7 months old, and they were unpredictable if you were lucky. If not, they ran like scalded cats in no particular direction, or stopped in their tracks and refused to move. As is always the case, Mirk simply took it all in stride all the way around the course. I don't know how much longer I'll have to run my 10 year old big dog, but it seems we'll make the most of it however long.



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